How To Comfort And Encourage Yourself In Difficulties

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How To Comfort And Encourage Yourself In Difficulties

How To Comfort And Encourage Yourself In Difficulties


That joyful moment you're with your brethren or colleagues, interacting
with cheerful mind and you felt alive in spirit. That funny moment you
burst into your old school pals/friends, you felt gladden while cracking
jokes and recalls of funny days in school and childhood silly

Nonetheless, this morning you awake with heavy burden, discouraged and
sadden, as your mind kept pondering in remembrance of your present ugly
situation. The awkward moment you felt so troubled and confused about
life, no trusted friend to share your feelings, no counselor within,
family and relatives kept worsen issue and even the pastor not

The moment the Bible looks meaningless as a trash manuscript, scriptures
faded off from memory and you just felt crushed as someone hit by a
heavy truck. The moment the burden to pray becomes a history, a
shattered heart and a clouded mind of doubt due to years spent in
prayer, crying but it seem as if prayers is useless.

The awkward moment when the zeal for church mid-week service become a
forgotten issue and right now you're deeply worried. You're in dilemma,
jobless — but employed yet no promotion. Marital stagnant — but marry
yet barren. None educated — but educated yet no employment.

Blessed with fruitful children — but yet can't pay school fees. Married —
but yet still living in bondage. Upholding Holiness — but yet still
wallowing in poverty. Called as a pastor — but yet no anointing and
can't even heal an headache. Several years spent in church — but yet
still lack master class breakthrough.

Persistently laboring in evangelism — but yet still suffering
internally. You have under gone deliverance prayers — but yet no divine
upliftment. Yes, now born Again — but suddenly crushed with cancer. Yes,
just accepted Christ — but yet the H.I.V refuse to be healed.

  • Is God Unrighteous Or Wicked?

A pastor once said, years ago a woman entered his office and with an
expression of a grief heart. She said, "Sir, some years ago i lost 2 of
my children in an auto-accident while they were going to school. I
cried-out unto God because i have been a faithful daughter, serving the
Lord in divine purity of heart.

But suddenly i heard a voice "My daughter, am not involved in the
accident that claimed the life of your children but i will prove to you
that I AM GOD and there is NONE LIKE ME"

She continues "Sir, do you knew what happened? In few months i conceived
and bear twins. In next 2 years i conceived again and bear another
twin, and few years later i also gave birth to another set of twins.

Sir I am here to encourage you because when i behold you jumping in
jubilation, with smile and laughter at the pulpit, i knew you definitely
have some internal troubles. The pastor was speechless and only uttered
"Iya beji (twins mother), thank you so much and may God bless you"

  • Don't Be A Worrier But Be A Warrior.

Discouragement is the worst nightmare often used by the devil to afflict
Genuine Christians because whenever you are discouraged, worrisome and
dismay will set-in. However i believe this article will help to muster
up your spiritual faith and cause you to ignite your faith in God
because he is always there to make a way for you. Through that your
problem you shall prevail because he is mainly building up your faith.

The hands of God are not short that he can't reach you. His eyes are not
blind that he can't see your plead. His ears are not deaf that he can't
hear your cry. No matter what you're facing. No matter what you have
behold. No matter what has comes your way. No matter how terrible you
had cried. One thing am very sure and certain is that "Your Life Must Change"

There is one thing which is permanently constant in the life of everyone and that is "The Power Of Change".
The transpire of changes in height, fading of skin color, hair growth,
knowledge, joy, sorrow, promotion, Death, alive, breakthrough, poverty,
marriage and finance.

It's a natural phenomenon in which you must experience in life. Your
present terrible condition isn't a curse but rather a divine school to
acquired life experience because sometimes God won't suddenly change
your situation because he is trying to change your heart.

He want you to depend on him, be courageous, prayerful and not clouded
in worries because worry only aggravate problems while encouragement
will inspired you. So, find someone to chats and off-loads your worries,
discuses your troubles because hidden trouble is an assassinator.

Always be thankful because in some hospitals, oxygen is administered at
the rate of #4,500 per hour ($15) for adults and #3,000 per hour ($10)
for children. If adults were to be placed on oxygen for a whole day, the
bill will be #108,000 per adult {$360). When extended monthly the
amount arises about #3.24 million ($10,800) while #38.88 million
($129,600) Per annul.

However, most of the time you're tempted to think that God is unfaithful
and unkind to you, in negligence that God always gives you more than #3
million ($10,000) as monthly benefits of free oxygen. Don't just seek
to GET God blessing and FORGET the power of thanksgiving but also learn
how to GIVE hope to others and FORGIVE an offense.

And i want you to acknowledge these facts, you’re a beautiful. You are
loved. You're needed. You are stronger than you think. You're alive for a
reason and am glad you're alive. So stop worrying because you're a
warrior and you gonna get through this!

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